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Blogs are a great way to learn more detail about products and services of Village Hub businesses. Anyone who has ventured into starting a business or has weathered the economic storms for years has a broad expertise and passion for their chosen industry and profession. From current fashion to lawn care tips, blogs give shoppers a place to become well informed to make the best buying decisions whether you’re choosing a doctor, mechanic, fitness trainer or a place to eat or shop.

Improve Your Home

When it comes to outdoor home improvement, Dominic’s Equipment can lend a hand with all your Summer projects. With options to rent or finance a piece of equipment, they make it possible to improve your home without breaking your budget.

If you’re a homeowner, you know that keeping your lawn looking fertile and fresh is much easier said than done. You can have a lawn to be proud of without dedicating your life to the cause. 

When you demystify the causes of an unhealthy lawn, you can take action and protect your lawn from harm, and Dominic’s can help. When layers of dead grass build up on top of your lawn, nutrients and water are prevented from reaching the soil. The purpose of a lawn aerator is to poke holes through these layers of dead grass to allow the passage of the nutrients it needs for healthy growth again. The Bluebird 530 Lawn Aerator from Dominic’s Equipment will do just the trick.

All winter long, we watch dirt cake onto the siding of our house. Water pressure washers can be pricey, but Dominics Equipment is dedicated to helping you check off your Summer home improvement list. Rent a cold water pressure washer for as little as little as $80 per day. Once you’ve primped the lawn and cleaned your siding, you’ll need a few finishing touches. Dominic’s can supply all your mulch, topsoil, and decorative gravel needs to leave the outside of your spotless home with a well-kept finish.