She said "we are so lucky"

she said “we are so lucky”
at a time most people would highly disagree.
to the outsider her life didn’t seem lucky at all.
body was failing, but never her spirit or faith.
that’s how powerful a woman she was.

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gROw Drink

Here’s the story behind my kale drinks:
I work privately with an amazing woman, a busy working mama of two young children, who asked me to guide her in meditation and simple yoga poses during her lunch break once a week. The intention of this practice is to bring heightened awareness of her body and mind to her home, causing her children to feel the shifts.

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Demystifying Yoga

When people find out that I’m a yoga teacher, the most common comment I receive is “I can’t do yoga”. The message that I would like to articulate is that you can. I commenced yesterday’s class as I typically do, by letting my students know that if they spend the entire 75 minutes in child’s pose but keep their intention and breath close to them, they are practicing yoga.

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