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Hand-Eye Coordination

When someone says an athlete has “great hand-eye coordination”, they’re referring to the speed and accuracy with which information received by the eyes directs the movement of the hands.

While it’s often talked about in regard to quick reflexes in sports, this function is actually a major component of our everyday activities. Being a constant factor of our every move, the fascinating process of hand-eye coordination is often overlooked. 

Good hand-eye coordination is required when you lift your hand to grab an object or point at something in the distance. It’s an incredibly complex neurological process, beginning when the eyes send visual information to the brain. From there, the data is integrated into a three-dimensional image.

The focal system identifies the object, and the ambient system locates the object’s position in space. Once all of this information is processed, the cerebellum controls the motor response to complete the desired task.


For how complicated this entire process is, it’s start-to-finish time is nearly instantaneous. For instance, consider the speed of lifting your fork to your mouth, or typing a sentence on the computer.