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I just give it a kick in the slats!

I wanted to discuss our new design for our Warre slats, but every time I say that word – slats - I picture Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen explaining how he keeps the steam engine running. Ok, back to the Bee Biz. As we have mentioned, and you have undoubtedly heard it is necessary as a bee keeper to register your hobby with your state apiary agency.

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What is a Warre Hive?

For starters, the name comes from the developer, a  French Abbe, Emil Warre. He did the majority of his work in the early 1900's, passing away in 1951. From a beekeeping standpoint his work is fairly recent. His thought process was simple: Build a hive that mimics the inside of a log, install the bees and get out of the way. His secondary goal was to construct this hive in the most inexpensive way possible.

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PBS Technology

In any form of Bee Keeping it is essential to recognize that bees need room to move - but not too much...or too little! The exact amount of space needed is fodder for discussions in the academia of Apiary science. The micro-analysis of this "Bee Space" is often debated (as are many bee keeping topics) based on observations of Feral Hives vs experiences with Langstroth hives.

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