Community & Causes

By nature, small business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate people. And quite often their passions go beyond their own business into areas and interests where they want to give back. Here are some examples of community happenings and causes that the Village Hub members are involved in.


Take a Horse Ride Back In Time

The Wintersteen Carousel Merry Go Round from Hanson's Park at Harveys Lake  sponsored by the Brass Rng Fund on Village Hub.

The Brass Ring Fund  A horse from the Wintersteen Carousel Merry Go Round at Hanson's Park Harveys Lake, PA on the Village Hub.Those carefree summer days at the lake, when being a grown-up was unfathomable, are what childhood memories are made of. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach back and seize a moment in time when life was but a dream?

 The opportunity to resurrect some of those memories holds a sweet satisfaction. So sweet, in fact, that no stone will go unturned in the days, months and years that lie ahead in fulfilling the mission of a special group of volunteer entrepreneurs.

The thought that the Brass Ring Fund Committee could be considered entrepreneurs possesses a special curiosity. After all, what they are doing isn’t making piles of money for themselves or putting food on the family table. Indeed, the riches to be had will be in restoring a snippet of a magical time for a new generation.

For those who aren’t aware of the momentous undertaking ahead for the Committee, there is a priceless heirloom in the offing – a century-old merry-go-round that once brought immense joy to children of all ages. The Wintersteen Carousel operated at Hanson’s Amusement Park, at Harveys Lake, PA from 1915 until the park closed in the early 1980s. That was quite a stretch for the beautifully carved wooden animals that have been silently waiting since 2008 for a second chance to put smiles on the faces of countless eager youngsters.

If you ask the three active members of the group why they chose such a momentous undertaking, the responses would vary, but the hopeful outcome would certainly weave a common thread. After all, don’t we all sometimes wish we could go back in time to those magnificent days of our youth? You have to admit, what a grand and significant project this is to be part of!

The Committee, which may soon experience a name change, has been fortunate to secure a new home for the Carousel at The Lands at Hillside Farms, in Shavertown, PA. That was the easy part. Now comes the long and winding road ahead – fundraising for community ownership, erecting a pavilion, and restoring this beautiful piece of history. The path is sure to be challenging, but it will be worth every minute and dollar that was invested to create magical moments for yet another generation of childhood memories.

Many hands make light work, they say. Get involved. Be part of the excitement ahead. For more information, visit our Facebook page: Brass Ring Fund – Wintersteen Carousel

The Brass Ring Fund  An Old photo of the Wintersteen Carousel Merry Go Round at Hanson's Park Harveys Lake, PA on the Village Hub.