Community & Causes

By nature, small business owners and entrepreneurs are passionate people. And quite often their passions go beyond their own business into areas and interests where they want to give back. Here are some examples of community happenings and causes that the Village Hub members are involved in.


Take a Horse Ride Back In Time

The Brass Ring Fund  A horse from the Wintersteen Carousel Merry Go Round at Hanson's Park Harveys Lake, PA on the Village Hub.Those carefree summer days at the lake, when being a grown-up was unfathomable, are what childhood memories are made of. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach back and seize a moment in time when life was but a dream?

 The opportunity to resurrect some of those memories holds a sweet satisfaction. So sweet, in fact, that no stone will go unturned in the days, months and years that lie ahead in fulfilling the mission of a special group of volunteer entrepreneurs.

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Dinners for Kids

The Dinners for Kids non-profit program was founded by David Tevet, owner of Ollie’s Restaurant, Edwardsville, PA to deliver nutritionally balanced dinner meals to children in need. More then 1 in 4 children in the United States do not receive nutritious food on a consistent basis. In Luzerne County, more then 10,500 children are food insecure. Children who lack a nutritionally balanced diet are more likely to exhibit behavior problems, poor school performance, and impaired cognitive development. While government supported school breakfast and lunch programs for needy children are available during the school year, and on a more limited basis during the summer months; dinner meals are not funded. Dinners for Kids was developed to meet this unfilled need.

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Ruckno Golf Tournament

Nothing Beats A Classic!
Proceeds of the Ruckno Family Golf Tournament benefit The Ruckno Family Fund of the Luzerne Founcation with donations going to a variety of community charities, including the George L. Ruckno Scholarship Fund.

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Dallas Harvest Festival

The Dallas Harvest Festival Steering Committee emerged as the result of Dallas Visioning, in 2003. The overall concept for the festival itself was the result of planning for the revitalization of downtown Dallas, PA. The first event was planned and executed in three months, and the outcome was phenomenal. The Dallas Harvest Festival, held on Main Street, Dallas, PA, offers an expansive street fair and farmers market, significant of the "harvest" and our region's agricultural history.

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